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Dermal Fillers  真皮填充剂 

• What is a dermal filler?

It is a substance which is injected into the skin to fill up lines and creases, temporarily restoring its youthful and plumped up appearance. It can be quite stunning and take years off you in a single stroke.

​• Where can it be used?
Facial fillers can be used to create fuller, sensuous lips and fill in:

-Deep facial wrinkles
-Creases and furrows
-Sunken cheeks
-Skin depressions

• Who can have Facial Fillers?
Facial Fillers are equally effective on men and women. It is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or for patients with a history of neuromuscular disease, or who are currently taking aminoglycoside antibiotics or penicillamine. If you have a special event coming up, have the treatment beforehand so that your skin has time to settle down.

​• How long is the procedure?
From a few minutes to an hour.
You may be required to come in 1 hour earlier for the application of anaesthetic cream.
After the procedure:
No bandaging is required.
Normal activities can be resumed.
You are free to eat, drink and wear makeup with sunscreen protection immediately after the treatment.

​• Are there any side effects?​
The treated area may feel a little red, tender and swollen, but these will wear off after a few days.
Occasionally, some people may have an allergic reaction to the treatment, developing itchy and slightly puffy skin.
People who are prone to cold sores may get one afterwards but if you alert the doctor to this, antiviral medication can be prescribed to prevent it.

What happens if I did not continue treatment?

The skin will return to its original state but the filling and plumping effect on the skin will have delayed further development of wrinkles..

Packages from $688 per vial


Please contact Atrio Family Clinic at 6752 0838 (Yishun) or 6452 4282 (Ang Mol Kio) for further information and appointments.

Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.​

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