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Chemical Peel    化学脱皮

​​Fine lines, acne and pigmentations can be effectively treated with various strengths of AHA (TDF) chemical peeling. Better looking skin and a more radiant glow can be achieved.

细纹, 粉刺,  黑斑能通过果酸化学脱皮的方法进行治疗。得取更美白及更有光泽的肌肤。

• From $88 per peel 

Botulinium injection  肉毒杆菌

​​Wrinkles removal and square jaw reduction can be safely achieved with Botulinium (Dysport) injection techniques.

绉纹,方下巴能使用临床证明的肉毒杆菌 进行治疗。

• Packages from $499

Dermal Fillers  真皮填充剂

Dermal fillers help in replacing volume loss at nasolabial folds, cheek areas and even the nasal bridge and chin. The result is a younger looking you.


•  Packages from $688

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